Food & Nutrition: Food Safety Puzzles & Test – Resources – TES Australia

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A great range of resources to support teaching about food safety

Ornella Whelan‘s insight:

Created by Jan Harper (2013) a senior textile, food and ICT teacher, this collection of food safety resources consists of: quizzes and questionnaires for both formative and summative assessment; worksheets to consolidate and reinforce student knowledge and understanding about food safety; and activities for early finishers.


The Australian Curriculum Year 5 and 6 Achievement Standard articulates that by the end of Year 6, students should be able to select and use appropriate technologies and techniques correctly and safely to produce designed solutions (ACARA, 2014). These resources reinforce the general safety practices for food preparation and storage.  Thus, the resources will support student acquisition of the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to safely and correctly produce designed solutions relating to food technologies. 



 Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (2014). Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Retrieved May 20, 2014 from


Harper, J. (2013, July 24). Food and Nutrition: Food Safety Puzzles and Test [Online resource]. Retrieved from

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