Australian Curriculum Resources – Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

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The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation has worked closely with teachers, students and education departments to develop an extensive range of  resources that align with the Australian Curriculum.

Ornella Whelan‘s insight:

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKGP) has developed a range of food education resources.  The program engages students from 8 to 12 years of age with hands-on learning experiences.  Having worked closely with teachers, students and education departments, the SAKGP resources are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.  Furthermore, the program provides teachers with the training and resources necessary to deliver the program.


Instead of reading about how food is produced and prepared, students are engaging with the process and using technologies to grow and prepare the foods. Aspects of the program align with the Technologies curriculum.  In particular, the elaboration for ACTDEK022 suggesting that students experiment with tools, equipment, combining ingredients and techniques to design and make food products or meals for selected groups for healthy eating taking into consideration environmental impacts and nutritional benefits is addressed in many of the food production and preparation lessons (ACARA, 2014).


The resources would be of great value to engage those students who, at times, find classroom work challenging.  Moreover, the knowledge gained from the lessons could be shared with the student’s families and other year levels.



Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (2014). Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Retrieved June 2, 2014 from



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