The TIP Model

The TIP Model gives teachers a general approach to addressing the challenges associated with integrating technology into their teaching.

There are 5 phases in the TIP Model –

Phase 1 – Determine the Relative Advantage

Phase 2 – Decide on Objectives

Phase 3 – Design Integration Strategies

Phase 4 – Prepare the Instructional Environment

Phase 5 – Evaluate and Revise Integration Strategies

Each of the five phases outlines a set of planning and implementation stages that support the efficient and successful integration of technology into the learning process (Monroe, 2007).

The following YouTube clip gives a great overview of the TIP model.

Fundamentally, technologies do not improve learning, it’s how the teacher utilises technology that is most crucial. Moreover, the TIP model provides teachers with framework to base their pedagogical integration of technology on (Reyes, n.d.).


Reyes, S.G. (n.d.). A Technology Integration Planning (TIP) Model for Teachers. Retrieved from

Monroe, M. (2007). The Technology Integration Planning Model [PowerPoint]. Retrieved from


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