The Experiences of Others

I am not sure why, but the following two points resonated most with me when I read the comments from previous EDC3100 learners. For that reason, I will ensure that I take them into consideration when I am on my placement.

 Making sure that students have the prior knowledge on how to use the particular ICT you have chosen for the lesson.

As with all learning experiences, it is fundamental that we build on students’ current understanding.  Before I start to plan for my practical experience it is crucial that I develop an understanding of the students ICT capabilities.

Be well prepared- have the ICTs you want to use set up so that the lesson flows, time isn’t wasted and students have something to focus on without drifting off.

As an educator, I must be able to proficiently use the ICTs that I have integrated into my teaching and learning experiences.  I must be well prepared and organised before I start teaching. Furthermore, I should always have a plan B just incase I experience ICT problems.

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