Instagram in the Classroom


I found this inforgraphic on the blog of fellow EDC3100 learner Miss Red.

Here are some of the great ideas for the use of Instagram within the classroom:


Have students take pictures that show: symmetry, parallel lines, convex, concave, axis, vertices, adjacent, equal, even, odd, perpendicular lines, surface area, angles etc.


Have students take pictures of: ecosystems, acids, air pressure, catalyst, carnivores, habitat, precipitation etc.


Have students post pictures of: adjectives, adverbs, their favourite book or character, something that summarises the story, a word, something the main character would like, an appropriate setting for a story etc.

Have the students use hashtags specific to your classroom and tasks so that you and your students can easily find photos that relate to their learning experience.

The options are endless……

Yours in ICT



Lepi, K. (2013, September 2). How to Use Instagram In The Classroom. Retrieved from


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