Augmentation of Reality

Earlier today I recommended an app called Aurasma.  I later came across a blog post by Wendy Clark entitled “Augmented Reality”.  In her post, Wendy defines the concepts associated with augmentation of reality.

  • Augmented reality: making something come to life
  • Aura: the magic thing that pops up when you hold your device over something
  • Trigger image: the picture you want to make cooler that is just normal (probably something from your camera roll or in your photos)
  • Overlay: the thing you will apply on top of the trigger image (usually a video from your camera roll)
  • Aurasma: a free app to make augmented reality

From Wendy’s post and further exploration of the app, I was able to get a better understanding of its potential application for teaching and learning purposes.

Here is a link to a YouTube clip that shows the app being used in a real teaching and learning context.

I hope this encourages you to further explore this great ICT tool.

Yours in ICT



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