After following a link from Kate Dugdale’s blog “ Digital tool jackpot”, I have just been introduced to another ICT pedagogical framework and a wealth of digital learning tools.

I will elaborate on the pedagogical framework in another post, but much like Kate, I feel as though I have hit the jackpot with the eDidaktik resources.

The following are a few of the best –

  • MindMup is a mind mapping tool.  It allows students to collaborate online on a shared mind map.  It also has an option to store maps on Google Drive.
  • EtherPad is a writing tool.  It allows the teacher and students to work simultaniously in a simple document.  EtherPad is similar to Google Docs, but it does not require a login.
  • VideoNot.es is a tool that allows you to take notes while watching a movie.  This tool is integrated with Google Drive.

The eDidaktik website is definitely worth a look.

Yours in ICT



Jakob, N. (2013). eDidakit – ICT in Education. Retrieved from http://www.edidaktik.dk/en/


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