Too Many Passwords?

Even more so now that I have Diigo, WordPress, Scootle and Feedly accounts for EDC3100 – I am really struggling to keep up with my passwords.

I have just discovered Dashlane. Dashlane has two main features. Firstly, it’s a password memorizer. Every time you type your account name and password into a Web page and press enter, Dashlane pops up, offering to memorize that information and fill it in the next time.  Dashlane’s second huge feature is that it can also fill in other kinds of Web site forms: your name/address/phone number, and even your credit card information (Pogue, 2013).

I can definitely see the benefits in Dashlane.

Yours in ICT


Reference: Pogue, D. (2013). Remember All Those Passwords? No Need. Retrieved from


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