Digital native or digital immigrant?


Having just read Katherine Dugdale’s “What speed are you?” post, I was inspired to read Ian Jukes and Anita Dosaj’s Understanding Digital Children(2006).

Born in the 1970’s, I am definitely a digital immigrant.  Even though I consider myself to be reasonably digitally savvy, I grew up in a world very different from today.  Growing up, my idea of playing generally involved the outdoors, not a digital device.

Children of today are different.  As a result of digital bombardment, today’s children are neurologically different (Jukes & Dosaj, 2006).  They have grown up with a mouse in their hands.  Research shows that children today are fundamentally different in the way they access, absorb, interpret and use information (Jukes & Dosaj, 2006).  Above all, the way they view, interact and communicate in and with the modern world is different.

As educators, what does this mean for us?

The work of Jukes and Dosaj contains insightful and useful resources for the educators of children in today’s modern world.

I hope you find this as useful as I did.

Yours in ICT


Reference: Jukes, I. & Dosaj, A. (2006). Understanding Digital Children. Retrieved from


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