Tool Safety

ICT, as a cross-curriculum priority, aims to develop students’ knowledge, skills and dispositions around ICTs so that learners acquire the skills to effectively use ICTs across environments and applications (ACARA, 2013).

While reading a post on a fellow EDC3100 learner’s blog, I reflected on the significance of teaching our students to safely manage their use of ICTs. Included in this blog was an article entitle Helping Kids Manage Their Electronic World.  After reading the article, I came to the realisation that if we as teachers are going to engage our learners with ICTs, and help them develop the skills to use ICTs, it is critical that we are teaching them how to safely use these tools.  We wouldn’t give them a sharp implement and not instruct them on how to use it safely….

Yours in ICT



ACARA (2013). Information and Communication Technology capability. Retrieved from


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