Why teach with ICTs?

“Education technology is not, and never will be, transformative on its own… computers cannot replace teachers – teachers are the key to whether technology is used appropriately and effectively.”

Carlson & Gadio, 2002, p.199

Upon reflecting on this quote, I realised the significance of ICTs in my pedagogy.  Considering that we live in a technologically driven age and that our responsibility as educators is to prepare our learners for life within our society – as teachers, it is fundamental that we use ICTs appropriately and effectively in our pedagogy.

Here is a link to the presentation Why Teach With ICTs? , where I discovered this quote, if you are interested.

Yours in ICT



Arinto, P. (n.d.). Why Teach with ICT’s? Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/rexcris/icts-in-the-classroomwhy-use-them


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