Great Resource – Tumble Books

ImageI have just discovered this great resource on the Fraser Coast Library website.  It would be brilliant for primary years classrooms.  It is called Tumble Books .

Not only does it have a wide variety of  eBooks, read-along books and videos.  It has puzzles, games and comprehension quizzes. There are also lesson plans and ideas for many of the books.

You can choose the language for the website, and it  has a variety  of ebooks in other languages – which would be great for ESL learners.

Another great benefit of this resource is that you can save books into ‘Your Favourites’ and access them from any computer.

Through the Fraser Coast Library your USQ login allows your to use the resource free of charge.

There are so many other options – I could go on for ages about this resource.

I would love to hear from anyone who has used Tumble Books before.

I will definitely use this resource when I am out on placement.

Yours in ICT



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